Have you ever felt lonely and alone even if you are not alone? 

I have ….. many times!

But why?

I can be in good company and be very happy, but suddenly I can feel alone, just out of the blue!

But why?

You hear people say, ‘If I had so much money then I wouldn’t be depressed’.

NO! It is not true! Yes, I have been able to buy nice things, etc. But it does not change my feelings and thoughts!

Isn’t it strange that you can go through the same thing as others, but react completely differently? 

But it’s a place where I can shut out all the thoughts …. and it’s at concerts!

Do you sometimes feel lonely, but don’t know why?

Is there anything you do that helps these thoughts/feelings?

Let me complete this text with the headline,

‘Sometimes I feel lonely!’ .

Thank U for reading ❤

/ Camilla


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