Nothing has happened, just been incredibly lazy lately! Frankly, I don’t remember what I’ve done lately;)

But anyways, no matter how beautiful it is with winter / snow, it should just disappear. 

I think the winter has been a long time now, and nowadays here in Norway as it gets warmer, the snow melts and suddenly it gets a little colder, the snow is falling down again, then you get easily sick, at least I am.


Off topic, who has been following the last season of The Bachelor?

Who did you ‘root’ for? 😉

Anyway, I think Cassie seems like a good person, And that they fit very well together;)

But what do you think of Hannah B as the new Bachelorette?

I have read on social media that many people did not like it. I personally think she is crazy and funny, just like me. 😉 I think it’s going to be a fun season! 🙂

That’s it, Oh, favorite song this week, 11 Minutes – YUNGBLUD, Halsey & Travis Barker!


Thank U for reading! ❤

/ Camilla

Gamle Hvam Museum, Norway





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