Finally the spring is here and the snow is soon gone, we have a small spot left on our plot with snow, but it will soon disappear, I hope.

Easter holidays are just around the corner, we have no special plans at home. Eating dinner with the family is probably the only tradition we have.

Do you have any Easter traditions?

But that’s not the only thing right around the corner. I have my birthday in about a week and will be 30 years old. Omg, it sounds so old. It is actually old! Time to grow up.. just kidding;)

I’m actually afraid of getting old … afraid of getting old and angry;). Or to grow away from the music I listen to or artists I listen to …. go to concerts because I think the sound is high. I think you know what I mean 🙂

Are you also afraid of getting old and why?

I wish you all a nice week!  🙂 hestehov vår

/ Camilla


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