1 Play in the leaves

One thing I remember very well from the fall when I was little was that we gathered lots of leaves for a big pile in the garden, and jumped, hid and kicked it around. This is something you can do with your kids, or just do it alone, with friends or family;) Just have fun: D

2 Enjoy a good movie 😉

I think everyone likes to wrap themselves up in a blanket and put on a movie when it starts to get colder outside. I don’t know what it is, but ‘Matilda’ is a movie I enjoy watching in the fall.

3 Go for a hike

Although we go hiking several times a year, I love it in the fall, and a big reason for that is all the great colors nature creates in this season.

4 Visit a Pumpkin Farm

This is something I have not done before, since I have not found anything in Norway, but I have seen this is something many people do in the USA, for example. And it’s not just pumpkin picking one can do, you can take a ride with the tractor, eat different foods, or other fall activities.


5 Make caramel apples

This may not be a typical fall thing to do, but since the fall is apple season, I feel this must be on the list. Do it with your kids, family or friends, maybe you can prank someone with an onion 😉 Anyway, have fun 😀

6 Bake apple pie

Again, since fall is apple season, why not bake apple pie? Take the fresh apple pie with you to the pumpkin farm, hike in the woods or just enjoy it at home. And kids love to bake 🙂

7 Visit a Haunted place/house

Do you love being scared? Why not visit a scary place where some say there are ghosts :S

8 Create your own Halloween costume

Halloween is just around the corner and many are going to have Halloween costumes. Why not have something that no one else has. Create your own costume 🙂 Have fun 🙂

This list could have been so much longer, but these are my top eight, hope you like it, maybe we have the same top eight!?

Thank you so much for reading my blog, it means a lot!
Are there any lists you want me to blog, please leave a comment.

Please share! See You soon! 🙂

/ Camilla


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