At this time of year, there can be many rainy and dull days. Kids love to play in the rain, but they have to come in eventually, so here’s a little list of things you can do with your kids or grandkids…. even if it’s not raining πŸ˜‰

1 Visit The Library

I think all children love the library, even adults. There are many books to read / look into. Maybe you will find some great nature books, point books for young children, horror books for the slightly older ones, or history books for those who like that. Either way, you will find something πŸ™‚

2 Play Boardgames

Board games are always fun and there are so many to choose from! I Prefer, The Lost Diamond, Telestrations, UNO and Vildkatten / Villkatten (Written in Swedish and Norwegian, because I Couldn’t find it in English )

3 Watch A Movie

Just like my previous blog post, I mentioned watching a movie because I think it’s cozy, and one movie I think fits all ages on a rainy day is Winnie The Pooh.

4 Painting or Colouring

Let’s sit by a window and draw / paint colors and things we see. Or we can draw / paint each other.
Maybe there’s an artist in you ;D Let’s make something

5 Visit A Museum

Visiting a museum can be both exciting and educational. There are many museums out there, and knowa a big favorite for kids is the Technical and Science Museums.

6 Bowling

Bowling is fun and something that brings the whole family together. You can, in several places, eat there too. So why not play, eat and have fun at the same time πŸ˜‰

7 Build A Fort Of Pillows And Blankets

I think many have this on the list, it’s fun, you can be creative and it’s allowed to do it when parents say it’s allowed on a rainy day list πŸ˜‰ You can make one each, and make some kind of village. πŸ˜€

8 Indoor Picnic

Make a picnic in the living room, fill bottles with water, make some sanwitch and bring cookies or cakes. The little ones think this is fun, I have done this several times with my little ones.


Let’s all go out, jump in the water and run in the mud. If we fall, we get up and move on πŸ˜‰ Sometimes you just have to enjoy living, do something you usually don’t do and have fun! You deserve it!

I hope you enjoyed this list of what you can do with the kids on a rainy day, maybe you have done many of them yourself! πŸ™‚

Hope you have a great weekend πŸ™‚
See you soon!

/ Camilla

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